Annonce de Rebellion #7

10 March 2007

Annonce de Rebellion #7: The Ahakista Gambit #2 par Rebelscum, par Williams, Lacombe, Glass, prévu le 20 Juin.

Synopsis :

On a seemingly unremarkable backwater planet edging ever closer to civil war, Rebel spy Wyl Tarson has an explosive dilemma.

He and his newly assembled team of agents-a squad previously deemed by the Alliance to be too deadly, too unpredictable, and too burnt-out to serve-must follow the dangerous and contradictory directions of the criminal overlord, Raze, or face exposure and execution at Imperial hands.

If that weren't enough, an incendiary device planted deep within Wyl's skull counts down, ticking off the last moments of his life should he try to make a break.

Given the choice between betrayal and treason, Wyl's next move could be his last!

Rebellion-the most action-packed original-trilogy era Star Wars story this side of the Death Star!

Couverture, de Hook :


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