Annonce de Legacy #7

9 septembre 2006

Comme chaque début de mois, Rebelscum annonce les comics qui paraîtront trois mois plus tard chez Dark Horse.

Voici donc le 7ème tome de Legacy, et 6ème dans l'arc Broken, réalisé par le quintette habituel : Ostrander, Duursuma, Parsons, Anderson et Hughes. Il sera publié le 13 Décembre, sauf report...

Synopsis :

Lightsaber crashes against lightsaber in a battle between Jedi and Sith that marks a crucial turning point in the fate of the galaxy! The life of a central figure hangs in the balance, triggering Cade Skywalker to make a shocking choice that will challenge everything he's fought so hard to protect, and start him down a path from which he can never return. The stakes are higher than ever before in the Star Wars universe—be there as the future of this epic saga is revealed!

• This is the future of Star Wars, the continuation of the story that started in the original trilogy, and none of it has been seen before.

La couverture :