Mission to Lianna

The Rebel Alliance's greatest weapon is not the bravery of its soldiers nor superior training nor advanced weaponry. The Rebel Alliance is built on information.

The Rebel heroes have been asked to deliver updated information to the Rebel cell network on the industrial world of Lianna, home of Sienar Fleet Systems, manufacturer of the dreaded Imperial TIE Fighter. What starts as a simple delivery becomes something even larger than the Rebels can imagine, as the characters discover that Lianna is where the Empire is building a secret weapon that could mean the destruction of the Alliance-a cloaking shield!

It is up to the characters to infiltrate and destroy the plans before the Empire can put the cloaking shield to work...

Couvertures et images


Episode un: les ombres de Lianna
Episode deux: les liens corporatifs
Episode trois: quelle réception !
Episode quatre: s'échapper de Lianna

Principaux personnages de Mission to Lianna

Kashan Santhe
Kashan Santhe