Star Wars Insider 130

Issue highlights:
- A feature-packed 100-page issue of Insider kicks off with an interview with Dee Bradley Baker, who talks about voicing the clones in Star Wars: The Clone Wars! Plus, our coverage of the show continues with an interview with Animation Supervisor Keith Kellog.
- As Star Wars: The Old Republic hits stores, we continue our coverage of the massive role-playing game with an interview with James Ohlen, Senior Creative Director at Bioware.
- We profile artwork from the Star Wars Art: Visions book, visit the amazing LEGO Miniland, preview Star Wars in 2012, and discover what it takes to be a member of the 501st!
- Jason Fry on how following the Force doesn't always work, film critic Mark Kermode looks at five films that heralded Star Wars, and all the latest books, comics, and merchandise goes under the spotlight in our dedicated 'Blaster' section!

Super Trooper
We meet Dee Bradley Baker, the voice of the Clones in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Family Tradition
Was Anakin's change to the dark side provoked by the Jedi's aversion to emotion? Jason Fry abandons his Jedi teachings and digs deep in this issue's 'A Certain Point of View' feature.
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James Ohlen
As Star Wars: The Old Republic hits stores, we talk to James Ohlen, senior creative director at Bioware, about creating companion characters in a massively multiplayer game.

Catherine Taber
The voice behind Padmé in Star Wars: The Clone Wars reveals her favorites in this issue's 'My Star Wars' feature.

Exclusive Fiction
Ahead of the hotly-anticipated Star Wars: Darth Plagueis novel, we present all-new fiction from the dark side by Matthew Stover...

The Art Side of the Force
Profiling contributions to the recent Star Wars Art: Visions book by Roy Grinnell, Krystii Melanie, and Ann Hanson.

Mini Magic!
We speak to Ryan Ziegelbauer, one of the creators of the amazing Star Wars exhibit at Legoland California.

Keith Kellogg
We talk to Star Wars: The Clone Wars Animation Supervisor Keith Kellogg about his work on the show so far, and about life as an animator...

The dark side of the Force revealed in Darth Plagueis; The Phantom Menace goes 3D, and we journey down The Jedi Path.

The Empire's number one operative, Jahan Cross, is called into action, but does he have a license to thrill?


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