Star Wars: The Clone Wars Comic UK 6.16

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Brand New Comic Strip! Hunted
There's a chill in the air in this issue's brand new Star Wars: The Clone Wars comic strip adventure, as our heroes struggle against snow and Asajj Ventress on an icy planet.

Savage Opress
Born into darkness, shaped by a warrior culture and the magick of the Nightsisters, Savage Opress is a deadly enemy for every Jedi! Check out his full profile in this issue.

Clone Wars Infinites
What if Anakin duelled General Grievous? We all know how the Clone Wars history unfolded - but what if the story went a different route? Find out in this issue!

Also in this issue:
- Season Three News
- Season Three episode guide: Heroes On Both Sides
- Lots of fun games and testing puzzles
- Clone Zone: Your letters, pictures, and photos
- Awesome pull-out poster