Star Wars: The Clone Wars Comic UK 6.3

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- As the television spectacular Star Wars: The Clone Wars just gets better and better, the official tie-in comic returns with a brilliant - and exclusive - new story. In 'In Triplicate', Anakin is up against a horde of pirates in the dark belly of Coruscant - with Padme's life at stake!

- In a new feature, we show you how to make some cool scenery to spice up your action figure adventures! First up - a mountainous plateau and a power generator! Plus, learn how to draw Anakin's face in an illustrated Clone Wars masterclass - and don't forget to send us your artwork!

- This year sees the launch of an exciting new LEGO Star Wars range, featuring a mix of classic and The Clone Wars vehicles - and we have some ace sets to give away in the latest issue of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Comic! For more information on Star Wars LEGO, visit the official website.