Star Wars: The Clone Wars Comic UK 6.1

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- Star Wars: The Clone Wars is back on TV with a second sensational season very soon - and the official tie-in comic is marking its return with a brand new look and brand new UK-originated comic strips in every issue! The action kicks off in issue #1 with the thrilling 'Inside Job'.

- We're marking this special issue with an amazing line-up of competitions. Don't miss your chance to win a Nintendo Wii and Clone Wars games, The Art of Star Wars: The Clone Wars books, The Clone Wars action figures and lightsabers, and Star Wars 10th Anniversary Collection Lego!

- With the new issue you'll find two cardboard cut out Clone Wars masks - you can use them with your free Bounty Hunter Blaster! Also in the new issue, revisit a classic episode from Season One of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and check out our awesome Season Two preview!