Annonce de The Old Republic : Threat of Peace #3

17 June 2010

Le troisième opus de Threat of Peace sortira le 1er septembre 2010. Malgré une couverture encore une fois de toute beauté signée Benjamin Carré, on continue avec le même contenu à la laideur inégalée...

Synopsis :
Under the thumb of a treaty that was negotiated after the Sith sacked Coruscant, the Jedi have attempted to maintain the illusion of peace -- until now! Even as one battle ends on Balmorra, another begins on Dantooine, where Jedi Satele Shan finds herself clashing sabers with an enemy that threatens not just her body, but her soul! As the treaty begins to crumble around her, Satele knows something desperate must be done to save the galaxy from the return to war!


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