Rebellion #12: Small Victories #2

10 décembre 2007

Rebellion #12: Small Victories #2, annoncé pour le 12 Mars 2008. Scénario de Jeremy Barlow, dessins de Colin Wilson, coloration de Wil Glass.

Synopsis :
With the Rebel flagship lost deep inside Imperial space, Admiral Ackbar must decide whether to risk the Alliance fleet on a seemingly impossible rescue, or leave Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia to fend for themselves.

Meanwhile, Luke and Leia have undertaken a seemingly impossible mission of their own with disastrous results. Captured by a corrupt officer on a vital Imperial installation, Luke and Leia have one last chance for their mission and their lives--Deena Shan. Insecure and indecisive, Deena never thought she had much to offer the Rebellion. Now, with the fate of the Alliance in her hands, she hopes she was wrong!

A Rebel mission gone wrong!

Couverture :

News par Jacen Solo.