Annonce de Legacy #29 : Vector Part 10

16 July 2008

Prévu pour le 29 octobre 2008, ce nouvel opus sera à nouveau réalisé par le duo Ostrander / Duursema.

Synopsis :
With his bounty-hunter pals and a team of Imperial Knights, Cade Skywalker plans to assassinate the Sith Emperor Darth Krayt. The first step in their scheme requires a risky attack on a remote Imperial outpost in hopes of drawing Krayt away from Coruscant.

But even if that works, members of the team are divided in their feelings about their "secret weapon"--Celeste Morne, an ancient Jedi Knight of the Old Republic who is in possession of--and possibly possessed by--the powerful Muur Talisman.

As we plunge into the final chapters of the yearlong "Vector" crossover, the power of the Talisman threatens to shake the galaxy to its foundations!

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