KotOR #24: Knights of Suffering #3

13 septembre 2007

KotOR #24: Knights of Suffering #3, fin d'une série de quatre arcs en trois morceaux (le prochain débutera Vector, donc), est annoncé pour le 26 Décembre, réalisé par Miller, Weaver, Parsons et Atiyeh.

Synopsis :

Zayne Carrick's murderous masters have hunted him halfway across the galaxy. Now, his run ends with him cornered in the very place where it began-in the Jedi Temple of Taris, the current headquarters of invading Mandalorian leader Cassus Fett!

Zayne's escaped before-with help from his friends and the Force-but not this time! His only choice is to fight for his life, in mortal combat with his far more talented teacher!

It's the shattering conclusion to the yearlong "Days/Knights" sequence-and not everyone makes it out alive!

The Knights of the Old Republic series-will never be the same again!