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5 December 2006

KotOR #15: Days of fear annoncé par Rebelscum !

Il sera réalisé par le trio habituel : John Jackson Miller, Brian Ching, Michael Atiyeh, et est prévu pour le 28 Mars 2007.

Synopsis :

The “Days of Fear” story arc reaches its explosive conclusion in a story of dangerous visions, unheeded warnings, and decisions made too late!

Fugitive Padawan Zayne Carrick faces his darkest moments so far as a desperate attempt to avert a cataclysmic disaster drives him into the arms of his enemies. Zayne puts his life on the line in an attempt to save those who don’t even realize the grave fate they face, but will his sacrifice be in vain? Meanwhile, the small-time con Gryph has happened upon big-time profit, but if he doesn’t keep his greed in check, this seeming success story could quickly turn tragic!


En outre, le TPB n°2 de KotOR (Flashpoint, incluant les tomes 7 à 12), est prévu pour le 16 Mai.


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