Annonce de Kotor #41 : Dueling Ambitions Part 3

6 February 2009

Le 41ème opus de Kotor paraitra le 20 mai 2009 avec ce dernier volet de l'arc Dueling Ambitions. Quelques révélations semblent être au programme, il va falloir patienter un peu !

Synopsis :
It is championship day at the dueling Open: Zayne struggles to protect his inept partner in the duels while simultaneously trying to convince the boy's warrior father that he and his friends have a plan to save them and stop the slave "farm system." Meanwhile, Gryph and Jarael set the team's plan into action, doing their best to avoid the duel official's security.

In the conclusion to "Dueling Ambitions," Zayne faces the reality of his dreams and his future, and Jarael gets a look back at her mysterious past . . .

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