Annonce de Kotor #39 : Dueling Ambitions Part 1

8 décembre 2008

Le 39ème opus de la série comics Kotor sortira le 18 Mars 2009 avec au commandes toujours nos chers John Jackson Miller et Brian Ching ! Il s'agira de la première des trois parties d'un nouvel arc : Dueling Ambitions.

Synopsis :
Combat sports and high-speed racing in the Old Republic! Zayne and Gryph -- now partners in "crime" -- along with Jarael and Rohlan, prepare to rip off the big-business world of sport dueling. Gryph has himself in the perfect position for the con, until Zayne enters himself into the Open, Jarael becomes oddly distracted, and even Rohlan finds himself taking part in the duels. If that weren't enough, veteran warrior Goethar Kleej inexplicably forces upon Zayne an incredible handicap . . .