Annonce de Invasion #2

9 mai 2009

Pour le deuxième numéro de cette nouvelle série se déroulant à l'époque des Yuuzhan Vong, on retrouvera notre cher Luke Skywalker, comme on nous l'avait promis à l'annonce de la série ! Parution le 5 août 2009 !

Synopsis :
Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and the soldiers of the New Republic were able to pull off a last-second evacuation of some of the civilian refugees from Artorias, but for Finn Galfridian it was too little, too late. Finn's mother and sister have been taken prisoner by the Vong, and his father was left behind with a delaying force to allow the refugees to escape.

Now Finn finds himself at the new Jedi temple on Yavin 4, where he is to undergo training -- but what he really wants is to get back into the fight!

This series is set during the New Jedi Order, approximately twenty-five years after the Battle of Yavin. The Jedi, and the galaxy, are facing their first real threat since the Sith were defeated: an invasion of hostile warriors called the Yuuzhan Vong!