Prochaines Sorties des Editions Dark Horse

9 juillet 2011 - The Old Republic, Invasion, Knight Errant et Dark Times

Voici les couvertures et les synopsis des prochaines sorties de Dark Horse.

Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Lost Suns, Part 5/5

Date de sortie : 12/10/11

Republic spy Theron Shan puts all he has into surviving-and stopping-the Sith's star-killing Sun Razer. This megaweapon must be destroyed and the Republic must be warned of the threat!

Star Wars: Invasion: Revelations, Part 4/5

Date de sortie : 12/10/11

The New Republic strikes back!

Queen Nina and Princess Kaye's attack on the Yuuzhan Vong collaborators on Shramar has brought Warmaster Tsavong Lah and his armada to the scene.

But the New Republic has some special forces in reserve: namely, every free ship in the sector! It's a space battle of epic proportions as pirate ships, freighters, and Imperial vessels join the New Republic's fleet against the invaders from another galaxy!

Star Wars: Knight Errant : Deluge, Part 3/5

Date de sortie : 19/10/11

Jedi vs. Hutt! Jedi vs. Sith!

Jedi Knight Kerra Holt's elation at the prospect of being part of a team again has quickly deflated now that she realizes the motives of the Republic's Devil Squadron are a far cry from her own. But with crime lord Zodoh the Hutt returning to Kerra's home planet and the Sith Lord Daiman about to enter the fight, Kerra must sort out her allies or be destroyed!

Star Wars: Dark Times: Out of the Wilderness, Part 4/5

Date de sortie : 02/11/11

Wanted: Dass Jennir, dead or deader!

The mystery man is revealed! If Boba Fett is the man you call when you want someone captured, Falco Sang is the one to call when you want someone dead. Sang has been on Dass Jennir's trail for months, and now the Jedi is in his sights.

But Sang isn't the only one searching for Jennir, and he should be careful that he doesn't come between Jennir and Darth Vader!