La Couverture définitive du New Essential Guide to Alien Species ;)

18 juillet 2006

La couverture du New Essential Guide to Alien Species vient de tomber. Elle est donc réalisée par Steve Anderson, un artiste régulier de l'UE... la principale différence avec la précédente dévoilée étant que Yoda est absent de l'image. Toujours est-il que le livre sortira en automne, et que l'info nous est tombé hier soir sur le site officiel.

Voici le contenu de la news du Starwars official Website Smiley

As previously reported, Del Rey Books will continue to update and expand their library of Essential Guides with the addition of The New Essential Guide to Alien Species by authors Ann Margaret Lewis and Helen Keier. The original story posted last February had preliminary cover art, but today's update shows the real deal -- the finished art by Steven D. Anderson.

The book will feature full-color interior artwork by Chris Trevas and William O'Conner. The text has been fully updated to encompass the entire Star Wars movie saga and the completed New Jedi Order series. Entries feature complete physical descriptions and official designations, specifics about homeworld, phonetic pronunciation, and a list of notable appearances. Plus, this brand-new edition includes a glossary of crucial descriptive terms.

The New Essential Guide to Aliens is slated for paperback publication this fall from Del Rey Books.