Dramatis personae d'Allegiance !

1 janvier 2007

Voici le court résumé du livre que l'on peut trouver sur Amazon.com:

From Publishers Weekly
Five idealistic but fed-up Imperial storm troopers led by Daric LaRone share the stage with young Rebel Alliance crusaders Han Solo, Princess Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca in this politically fraught but still rollicking early years Star Wars adventure from Hugo-winner Zahn (Star Wars: Outbound Flight). Emperor Palpatine's favorite Sith, Darth Vader, has a new rival, the 18-year-old Countess Mara Jade Claria, whom Palpatine has schooled in the Force to assume the special agent role of "Emperor's Hand." Zahn depicts the intrepid Rebel quartet and the turbulent development of the Alliance while revealing the human faces behind the storm trooper armor of Daric and company, who become unexpected allies of Han and friends once the troopers are on the run after killing a superior officer. The author also underscores Mara Jade's tough-girl charm and blossoming Imperial clout against the background of Palpatine's dedication to Imperial domination and his insidious influence on his minions. This episode will please fans wondering about events between the first and second movies in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Et maintenant le dramatis personae tant attendu:

Korlo Brightwater (scout stormtrooper)
Caaldra (mercenary)
Cav'saran (patroller chief of Janusar)
Yeeru Chivkyrie (head of Republic redux)
Barshnis Choard (governor, Shelsa Sector)
Vilim Disra (chief administrator, Shelsa Sector)
Tantro Grave (stormtrooper)
Mara Jade Claria
Darric LaRone (stormtrooper)
Saberan Marcross (stormtrooper)
Mon Mothma
Leia Organa
Kendal Ozzel
Joak Quiller (stormtrooper)
Carlist Rieekan
Shakko (captain, pirate ship Calvalcade)
Luke Skywalker
Thillis Slanni (director of planning)
Han Solo
Vak Somoril (senior officer, ISB)
Tannis (pilot, pirate ship Calvalcade)
Darth Vader
Ydor Vokkoli (head of Freedonna Kaisu)