Couvertures et Synopsis des sorties d'août

9 mai 2011 - Un petit faible pour Invasion

Voici les couvertures et les synopsis des sorties d'août de Dark Horse.

Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Lost Suns, Part 3/5

Date de sortie : 10/08/11

The war that ended in a tense peace agreement is in danger of beginning again, but elite Republic spy Theron Shan is going to do everything in his power to prevent it-including infiltrating the Imperial space of Darth Mekhis to find out what is happening! Along with Master Zho, and the criminal in his custody, Teff'ith, Theron is headed to Port Nowhere. He hasn't got a plan or any idea what he may be going to face, but for a spy, he's got great style!

The soon-to-be-released online game comes straight to comics!

Starring Theron Shan, the son of legendary Jedi Master Satele Shan!

Star Wars: Invasion: Revelations, Part 2/5

Date de sortie : 10/08/11

Kaye and Nina Galfridian have been on the frontlines of the Yuuzhan Vong war, gathering refugees from their home planet, and others, along the way. Now, as they prepare to reunite the refugees with their families at a safe haven, an attack on their ship comes from a most unexpected quarter!

Set within the time frame of the New Jedi Order novels from Del Rey

Star Wars: Jedi - The Dark Side, Part 4/5

Date de sortie : 10/08/11

The situation on Telos IV is getting darker: sabotage, assassination attempts, secret meetings, undercover agents . . .

But right now, Master Qui-Gon Jinn's main concern is controlling his headstong Padawan. The homecoming on Telos has proved incredibly difficult for the proud and bitter Xanatos. His difficulties in reconnecting with his father and sister are putting the team of Jedi in peril as they near the shocking facts behind the burgeoning civil war . . .