Annonce des comics pour Février 2008

10 novembre 2007

Pour finir avec les infos qui sont sorties pendant la nuit, les annonces des comics pour Février 2008 et plus.

Commençons par Legacy #21, deuxième tome d'un arc en deux parties, réalisé par John Ostrander, Omar Francia et Brad Anderson, et dont la parution est prévue le 20 Février prochain.

Synopsis :

The conclusion of a shocking two-part tale pitting the Sith Empire against the Galactic Alliance in an all-out space battle!

The Sith have lured outlaw Admiral Gar Stazi into a trap to destroy the Alliance once and for all. Yet Stazi is no fool-he may have agreed to play the Sith's game, but not with the cards they expect! Meanwhile, forces loyal to the deposed Emperor Roan Fel wait on the sidelines. Are they here to help, to hurt, or simply make off with whatever's left when the dust settles?

Stazi springs the Empire's trap!

Couverture, de Wheatley :


Vient ensuite KotOR #26, qui est aussi le deuxième tome du cross-over Vector, prévu pour le 27 Février prochain. Il sera réalisé par Miller, Hepburn et Atiyeh.

Synopsis :
The second part of the biggest Star Wars story of 2008 begins with Mandalorians galore and ends with the arrival of a seemingly unstoppable threat!

Fugitive Padawan Zayne Carrick and his con-artist companion Gryph have fallen into a situation even more dangerous than the one they escaped on wartorn Taris-surrounded by enemies and trapped in close-quarters with a deadly agent of the group who framed Zayne for killing his fellow Jedi-in-training!

No one should miss "Vector"! This is Star Wars on its grandest scale-a galaxy-spanning, era-defining, sure-fire hit with fans both casual and hardcore![color=darkblue][/color]

The comics event of 2008 continues!

Couverture, de Weaver :


Ensuite, on passe au mois d'Avril, avec la sortie, directement au format Trade Paperback, de The Force Unleashed, associé au jeu vidéo et au roman. Il sera réalisé par Blackman, Ching et Ross, et devrait sortir le 02 Avril.

Synopsis :

LucasArts' game The Force Unleashed, is poised to be the Star Wars event of the year. The game-play promises to be stunning, but we think it's the story that will blow you away.

Revealed here are the origins of Darth Vader's secret apprentice, the deadly missions on which he was sent to track down and destroy Jedi, and the awesome decision he is forced to make that will, literally, change the way you look at the Star Wars saga!

Scripted by the game's author, Haden Blackman, this graphic novel can be enjoyed alone, or as a companion to the amazing new game.

* An original graphic novel based on the upcoming game!

Une image en attendant la couverture :


Ensuite, viendra, le 09 Avril, un nouvel Omnibus dans la série des Tales of the Jedi, contenant toute la série depuis The Freedon Nadd Uprising jusqu'à Redemption, en passant bien sûr par Dark Lords of the Sith et The Sith War.

Couverture :